Canine Collection

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Canine Collection

About the Author

Heather was born in Tampa, Florida and raised on the Alafia River in the small town of Riverview. While she enjoyed being a tomboy and doing things like fishing, crawling through manholes, and riding three wheelers, she also had a very creative side and a strong spiritual connection that called her to do something greater. When her two children were young, she had a hard time finding books for them to read that instilled the values and morals she wanted them to grow up with. One day, while playing with their many pets, including a Dachshund named Abby, she had a vision to create a collection of moral-based books for children called The Canine Collection. She tried to get the series off the ground then, but found it was just not the right time. Twenty years later, an inner voice told her it finally was and she found an amazing artist and is now self-publishing!

Heather is very passionate about this collection and has realized that this is the something greater she was meant to do. Her children have since grown up, and she now works as a Registered Nurse, but her true passion and greatest joy comes from sharing the stories from The Canine Collection with the world.

In addition to moral-based stories for our youth, another message she wishes to share with all is to never give up and to always believe in yourself and the beauty of dreams. Heather’s next dream is to be able to fund The Hospitality House, a missionary center that will offer a multitude of services for the disabled, poor, and indigent in Florida and across the nation.